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We (heart) NL.

It's true. We have a full-throttle crush on our little hometown. Maybe it's the river that sneaks around every corner, or the artists that seem to be growing in number by the day, or the volunteer firefighters across the street. Maybe it's our Mayor, who throws pots and makes the best damn wood-fired pizza you can come by, or the Eagle Scout's tiny libraries that keep popping up around town. The kids biking around town with fishing rods sticking out of their backpacks? The multitude of glistening lakes just a short bike ride from town? The state park? The endless miles of bike paths that connect us to our neighbors near and far? It could be the die-hard, come-back-kid spirit that turned a mostly vacant main street into a bustling hub of entrepreneurship in just a few short years. There's a lot to love about this place, and we'd love to show you around if you're a newcomer.

For starters, check out a few of our favorite spots and happenings:

New London Music Festival

New London Roaming Cinema

Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center

Sibley State Park

Hampton Inn

Little Crow Ski Show

Little Theatre

Middle Fork Cafe

Fly Leaf Book Shop

Lake Affect Coffee

New London Bakery

Greenwater Garage + Gallery

Antique Car Run

New London WaterDays

Green Lake Triathalon

Spicer Castle Inn & Restaurant

Bill Gossman Pottery

Shoppe 14

The Happy Sol

Millpond Mercantile

Dancing Goat Studio

Art of the Rural

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